About Us

Established in 2012, JASVIN-ANTIQUE has been committed to provide wide varieties of numismatic items together with our promise of top quality service to collectors from India and all others from the rest of the world having mailing address in India. As a team of numismatic professionals, we specialize in the coinages of the empires of Ancient India, Medieval India, including the Independent Kingdoms of India, the Indian Sultanates, the Princely States, and the era of the British Indian Empire. We also feature rare error coins, such as brockages in our weekly listings.

For over 11 years, we at JASVIN-ANTIQUE have dedicated ourselves deeply into the field of Indian Numismatics, holding our weekly auctions through the eBay India Platform (www.eBay.in). Through these years, we have served thousands of satisfied customers from across India and all over the world, committed to our motto of "Quality Coins and Quality Service".

The full satisfaction of these valued clients are reflected by the 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK RATING that we have proudly maintained. In this regard, eBay ranked us as a TOP RATED SELLER.

JASVIN-ANTIQUE has been a very popular name in the field of numismatics in eBay India, becoming the first choice for thousands of customers. We have helped thousands of collectors complete their numismatic sets, and we are very much willing to help you complete your collections.

eBay India's operations ended in 2018, which led us to a new journey: the launching of our very own website portal, with the same business name “Jasvin-antique.in” as it was on eBay India.

The launch of our website portal is our response to the hundreds of emails and phone calls that we have received from our regular customers who have patronized us through eBay India for many years. The avid requests encouraged us to initiate a new platform to continuously cater to the needs of all our beloved clients in their numismatic hobbies.
We have preferred maintaining the same business name “Jasvin-Antique” as thousands of our customers who have dealt with us through eBay India are very much familiar with the name, and it will help them to easily recognize us especially during our transition to our new website platform.

We take pride to announce that JASVIN-ANTIQUE has been registered with the Archaeological Survey of India and obtained a license on March 3, 2019 issued by the Government of India to deal in antiquities (DLH/ANT/LIC/28). This gives all our valued clients and future customers an added satisfaction and the assurance that all the items offered by us are completely and legally sanctioned by the authority of the Government of India.

We do hope that you will find the time to visit and enjoy our new website. Please be sure to add us to your bookmarks and check back from time to time to see great items in our listings. Thank you very much for your support!

To become one of the leading numismatic providers not only in India, we believe that everything must be done with honesty. Comprehensive and unbiased information must be made available to all parties, and transactions should be conducted transparently, ensuring a long and harmonious relationship with our valued clients.

Being one of India's most trusted and efficient marketplace for rare coins, fine art, jewels, rare collectibles and other precious objects, our knowledgeable staff is committed to provide top quality service to our customers. Your satisfaction is our mission!


Honesty and fairness must define every facet of our business.

We embrace clarity and openness, enabling clients, partners and co-workers to make informed, confident decisions.

Our success depends upon providing clients with the best possible service.

We focus on helping clients, partners and co-workers to achieve goals on time with all available resources.

We continuously aim to make our services more convenient, useful and up-to-date.

We strive to carefully construct sustainable ideas to maintain a "WIN-WIN" relationship with our valued clients and partners.